Med. Weter. 74 (1), 6049, 2018

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Kochanowski M., Różycki M., Dąbrowska J., Bilska-Zając E., Karamon J., Antolak E., Grądziel-Krukowska K., Cencek T.
Methods for Anisakis simplex detection in fish and fishery products
Anisakis simplex is a zoonotic nematode which can cause human anisakiasis. Furthermore, A. simplex allergens, even of dead larvae can cause allergic reactions, including anaphylaxis. Due to the frequent occurrence in fish muscles and pathogenicity, A. simplex is a serious danger for fish products consumers. Therefore, it is necessary to examine fish and fish products for the presence of these parasites before placing on the market. The purpose of this paper is review of methods for A. simplex detection in fish and fishery products. These methods differ according to the effectiveness and type of the target analyte. They also have different suitability for examination of matrices with different properties. Moreover this paper presents legislations associated with A. simplex detection. .
Key words: Anisakis simplex, Anisakidae, fish parasites