Medycyna Wet. 57 (11), 777-856, 2001


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Current diagnostic methods of Escherichia coli O157 strains Osek J. [digitized ] 783
Trace elements in antioxydative system Wieleba E., Pasternak K. [digitized ] 788
The influence of some factors on OPU effectivenes and quality of oocytes in cows Jaśkowski J.M. [digitized ] 792
Cisapride-usefulness in human medicine and perspectives for application in veterinary practice. Clinical aspects Romański K, Sławuta P.,
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[digitized ] 796


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Fertility of heifers after superovulation the influence of eliminating the dominant follicle Zbylut J., Jaśkowski J.M. [digitized ] 807
Reproductive value of rams with leucocytic 54,XY/54,XY chimerism Jaszczak K., Keszka J., Parada R. [digitized ] 812
Canine dermatophytosis as a health hazard to people Grądzki Z., Boguta L., Winiarczyk S. [digitized ] 815
The effect of early immunization of sucking rabbits on the development of trichophytosis in infected farms Kostro K., Gliński Z., Wojcicka-Lorenowicz K.,
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[digitized ] 819
The testicular artery of stallions in clinical and morphological studies Pozor M., Kolanko D. [digitized ] 822
The effect of age and sex on bone mineralization and on plasma calcium, phosphorus and alkaline phosphatase concentration in the quail (Coturnix
coturnix Pharaoh)
Kaczanowska-Taraszkiewicz E. [digitized ] 827
Cytometric analysis of peripheral blood and of oxygen burst in neutrophilic granulocytes of healthy carps (Cyprinus carpio) Stosik M., Deptuła W.,
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[digitized ] 832
Immunomodulation of reproductive geese and maternal immunity against Derzsy’s disease in their offspring Samorek-Salamonowicz E., Czekaj H.,
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[digitized ] 836
The analysis of specific factors which influence mink (Mustela vison Sch.) fertility Socha S., Markiewicz D. [digitized ] 840