Medycyna Wet. 55 (1), 1-72, 1999


Some new data concerning virology Larski Z. [digitized ] 6
Genetic vaccines and their application in veterinary medicine Mizak B., Sawicki R. [digitized ] 11
The in-ovo vaccination – a new technique for poultry immunization Borzemska W. B., Szeleszczuk P. [digitized ] 15
Application of molecular biology methods for the diagnosis of Serpulina hyodysenteriae infections Pejsak Z., Król J., Mizak B., Sawicki R. [digitized ] 19
Immunobiological properties of „tutelary” heat shock proteins with reference to γ δ T cells Furowicz A.J., Czernomysy-Furowicz D., Mizak B.,
Sawicki R.
[digitized ] 25


Computer analysis of antibiograms of microorganisms isolated from cattle and sheep Roliński Z., Soból M., Skrobisz J. [digitized ] 30
Susceptibility for phage O-1 lysis in Salmonella spp. strains Hoszowski A., Wasyl D., Truszczyński M. [digitized ] 34
S. enteritidis carrier state in flocks and its presence in eggs and chicken embryos Błaszczak B., Binek M. [digitized ] 39
Immunological response of animals against the Clovac 5 autovaccine Cygan Z., Buczek J. [digitized ] 42
Evaluation of parasitic invasion of stags on farms and in free-range conditions Romaniuk K. [digitized ] 46
Serum antibody titre and the first protective vaccination of broiler chickens against Gumboro disease Wiśniewska J., Stosik M. [digitized ] 48
Diagnostic indications and possibilities for arthroscopy examination in dog Adamiak Z., Brzeski W., Hamdane A. [digitized ] 52
The influence of endotoxin tolerance on the coagulation systems in horses Dąbrowska J., Wiśniewski E., Krumrych W. [digitized ] 56