Medycyna Wet. 55 (12), 781-852, 1999


Rabies: history, current state and potential control of infection Buczek J. [digitized ] 783
Lyme disease in animals Karczmarczyk R., Klimentowski S. [digitized ] 788
Diagnostic arthroscopy of forelimb joints in dog Adamiak Z. [digitized ] 792
Prostaglandins biosynthesis, metabolism and their role in the functioning of drugs Kania B.F. [digitized ] 795
Immune defenses in bumble bees Gliński Z., Jarosz J., Młynarska M. [digitized ] 800


Immunohistochemical location of metallothionein (MT) in epithelial tumours in animals Madej J.A., Milnerowicz H., Dzimira S. [digitized ] 806
Endoscopic evaluation of the influence of non-steroid anti-inflammatory drugs on canine gastric mucosa Nicpoń J., Kubiak K, Sapikowski G. [digitized ] 809
Susceptibility of Pseudomonas aeruginosa strains to antibiotics and chemotherapy Wolska K., Jakubczak A., Anusz Z., Bukowski K. [digitized ] 812
Distribution and depletion of norfloxacin from chicken tissues and eggs Roliński Z., Kowalski C., Klimont E. [digitized ] 818
Serological diagnosis of bovine leukosis with BOVINCR antigen Buzała E., Rułka J., Dereń W. [digitized ] 823
Study on the therapeutic use of acetylsalicylic acid in turkeys Koncicki A., Krasnodębska-Depta A., Guiro S., Olkowski J. [digitized ] 826
Effects of hypertonic solutions on blood parameters in sheep Bieniek K., Kondracki M., Niemczuk K. [digitized ] 829
β-carotene used as an additive increasing the number of newborn pigsFolic acid and synthetic Fuchs B., Orda J., Wiliczkiewicz A., Preś J. [digitized ] 833
Hardening of equine zona pellucida in culture conditions Młodawska W., Okólski A., Polak I. [digitized ] 836
The level of total protein and the activity of aspatate and alanine aminotranspherase in the hemolymphs of bees hatched from larvae and treated
with Apivarol AS, Fumilat and Fluwarol
Bah M. [digitized ] 839