Medycyna Wet. 67 (1), 1-72, 2011


Relation between clinical lameness and reproductive performance in dairy cows – in English Olechnowicz J., Jaśkowski J.M. [summary] 5
Some new data concerning virology, prions and immunology Larski Z. [summary] 10
Q fever Truszczyński M. [summary] 15
Porcine cathelicidins and defensins Pomorska-Mól M., Markowska-Daniel I. [summary] 20
Systems for evaluating the developmental competence of mammalian oocytes and embryos based on the Lab-on-Chip microfluidic technology
Kempisty B., Walczak R., Antosik P., Szczepańska P., Woźna M., Bukowska D., Dziuban J., Jaśkowski J.M.
[summary] 25
Functional and molecular analysis of mammalian spermatozoa in the assessment of male fertility potential Bukowska D., Kempisty B., Sikora J.,
Woźna M., Jackowska M., Antosik P., Jaśkowski J.M.
[summary] 29
Novel approaches to cancer therapy. The use of nanotechnologies Zabielska K. , Lechowski R. [summary] 34


Changes of internal temperature and locomotor activity under the conditions of endotoxin fever, pyrogenic tolerance and its suppression
in pigeons
– in English Dudek K., Bednarek D., Soszyński D., Kozłowska M. [summary] 38
Composition of the cyathostomin species in horses with a special focus on Cylicocyclus brevicapsulatus – in English Kornaś S., Basiaga M.,
Kharchenko V.
[summary] 48
Cytological examination of the cow uterus - description of the method and preliminary results of its clinical application – in English Barański W.,
Podhalicz-Dzięgielewska M., Łukaszewicz G., Janowski T.
[summary] 51
Effect of age and curcumin supplementation on the efficiency of detoxification in rat tissues Gutowicz M., Augustyn A., Pyrzanowska J.,
Widy-Tyszkiewicz E., Barańczyk-Kuźma A.
[summary] 55
Cerebral meningiomas in cats - signs and treatment Olkowski A., Trębacz P., Narojek T., Januchta M., Siewruk K, Galanty M. [summary] 59
International trade – a potential source of brucellosis in pigs. Case report – in English Szulowski K., Iwaniak W., Złotnicka J., Weiner M., Zaręba Z.,
Czępińska H.
[summary] 64