Medycyna Wet. 66 (9), 577-648, 2010


Some new data concerning virology prion hypothesis, and immunology Larski Z. [summary] 580
Pathogenicity of chlamydia for swine in light of new taxonomic data Truszczyński M., Pejsak Z. [summary] 584
Immune response during infection caused by influenza virus Kowalczyk A., Markowska-Daniel I. [summary] 588
Immunological status of piglets during the first weeks of life Pomorska-Mól M., Markowska-Daniel I. [summary] 593
Occurrence and diagnosis of mycoplasma infections in ruminants Szymańska-Czerwińska M., Dudek K., Bednarek D., [summary] 597
Characteristics and occurrence of Paenibacillus bacteria in milk and milk products Ziarno M, Zaręba D. [summary] 600
Animal dermatophilosis - etiopathogenesis and therapy Kani B.F., Juniak M. [summary] 604
Identification of biometric features of animals through the use of neural image analysis Dejewska T., Boniecki P., Jaśkowski J.M., Kicuła M.,
Racewicz P.
[summary] 609


Intensity of slime production by yeast isolated from bovine mastitis cases and their susceptibility to the polyenes
Krukowski H., Lisowski A., Szymankiewicz M.
[summary] 614
Differential expression of genes encoding EGF, IGF-I and TGF β1, β2 and β3 in porcine endometrium during estrus cycle in different ages
Antosik P.,Kempisty B., Jackowska M., Bukowska D., Woźna M., Lianeri M., Brüssow K.L., Jaśkowski J.M.
[summary] 618
Microbiological quality of foodstuffs for infants and young children with special focus on Enterobacteriaceae family and E. sakazakii
Stasiak-Różańska L., Garbowska M., Berthold A., Molska I., Ciepielewska-Janas J.
[summary] 622
Usefulness of tumescent local anesthesia in selected surgical procedures in dogs Trębacz P., Galanty M. Jurka P. [summary] 626
Application of the real-time PCR method with the intercalating dye SYBR Green I for the detection of genes located on plasmids pXO1 and pXO2 as
well as the specific chromosomal rpoB sequence of Bacillus anthracis strains
Budniak S., Kędrak-Jabłońska A., Reksa M., Szczawińska A.,
Borkowska-Opacka B.
[summary] 630


Lymphoma in a dog - practical aspects of diagnosis Abramowicz B., Lutnicki K., Łopuszyński W., Szpringer E. [summary] 635