Medycyna Wet. 65 (11), 729-800, 2009


Extending OIE activity by adding food safety and animal welfare areas Truszczyński M., Kołacz R. [summary] 731
Application possibilities of probiotic bacteria in meat products Cegiełka A., Masłowska K.A. [summary] 735
Epidemiology of bluetongue in Europe Niedbalski W., Kęsy A. [summary] 739
Clostridium botulinum – characteristic features and epidemiological significance Grenda T., Kwiatek K. [summary] 743
Current state of knowledge concerning infections caused by encephalomyocarditis virus Markowska-Daniel I., Kowalczyk A.,
Pomorska-Mól M.
[summary] 747
Immunohistochemistry in veterinary diagnostics – a wide spectrum of applications Dolka I. [summary] 752
Effect of chosen feed additives on coccidiosis in poultry Świątkiewicz S., Arczewska A., Koreleski J. [summary] 758


Effect of cows’ body condition during the periparturient period and early lactation on the post parturient development of ovarian follicles
and the corpus luteum –
in English Nowak T.A., Jaśkowski J.M., Olechnowicz J., Bukowska D. [summary] 762
Blood metabolic profile parameters of cows fed diet with glucogenic additive – in English Klebaniuk R., Matras J., Kowalczuk E. [summary] 765
Seroprevalence of Aujeszky’s disease in pigs in Poland in the years 2005-2007 Lipowski A., Związek J., Pejsak Z. [summary] 771
Usefulness of the method of rabies virus isolation in the nueroblastoma cell line for the diagnosis of rabies Otachel-Hawranek J. [summary] 775
Ureteral ectopia congenita in young dogs Lorinson K., Lorinson D., Serwa D., Bonecka J. [summary] 781
Meningitis in the course of septicaemia caused by Staphylococcus aureus in geese Gaweł A., Sołtysik Z., Mazurkiewicz M., Antonik S.,
Pawlas-Opiela M.
[summary] 785
Infectious laryngotracheitis in a Crested Polish flock- case report Karpińska E., Żbikowski A., Szeleszczuk P., Kosowska G., Malicka E. [summary] 789
Influence of the cow’s nutrition during pregnancy on the development of the distal vagus nerve in newborn calves Pospieszny N., Adamski M.,
Kuropka P.
[summary] 792