Medycyna Wet. 62 (11), 1209-1336, 2006


Campylobacteriosis of animals: the epidemiological aspect Bednarski M., Wieliczko A. [summary] 1211
Rotaviruses structure - the etiological agent of human gastroenteritis Bigoraj E., Mizak B., Król J. [summary] 1215
Potential application of bacteriophages in bacterial infections in animals Weber-Dąbrowska B., Górski A., Zimecki M., Łusiak-Szelachowska M.,
Grzęda M., Lis M., Międzybrodzki R.,Fortuna W., Dubiel A., Świtała-Jeleń K., Boratyński J.
[summary] 1219
Microbiological quality factors of edible hens’ eggs Węsierska E. [summary] 1222
Cytochrome b (MTCYB) mitochondrial genome Knapik K., Jędrzejczak M., Dybus A. [summary] 1229
Molecular aspects of the lack of lactose fermentation by pathogenic Yersinia pseudotuberculosis strains Mizielińska M., Nawrotek P. [summary] 1233


Successful surgical treatment of urethral obstruction in an elderly cat – in English Juszczyk M., Klećkowska-Nawrot J., Pospieszny N. [summary] 1236
Gill disease in a gilthead sea bream (Sparus aurata L.) - in English Kapetanović D., Kurtović B. , Vardić I., Teskeredžić E., Teskeredžić Z. [summary] 1239
Autolysis of Listeria monocytogenes strains isolated from food and clinical specimens - in English Cibik R., Cetinkaya F., Gunes N., Ozakin C.,
Soyutemiz G.E.
[summary] 1242
Use of distraction radiography in canine hip dysplasia: comparison of early and late results with two different distractors - in English
Gülanber E.G., Gülanber N.G., Albayrak N.R., Özer K., Aktaş M., Aksoy Ö.
[summary] 1245
Concentrations of some elements in blood serum of Angora goats - in English Yazar E., Altunok V., Eroglu T. [summary] 1249
Efficacy of Finadyne in the control and therapy of MMA syndrome in sows Kotowski K., Szrom A., Duś R. [summary] 1252
Selected parameters of non-specific immunity in turkeys vaccinated with Dindoral-SPF in response to a NDV antigen after the administration of
levamisol and isoprinozine
Wójcik R., Święcicka-Grabowska G. [summary] 1256
Serologic and molecular examination of dogs vaccinated against parvovirosis Salwa A., Kopczewski A.,Wolańczyk-Rutkowiak K. [summary] 1261
Diagnostic value of telomerase activity measurement for skin neoplasms in dogs Żmudzka M., Micuń J., Lechowski R. [summary] 1265
Estimation of exogenous creatinine clearance in dogs in clinical practice Jonkisz P., Kuziemska A., Hildebrand W. [summary] 1269
Canine senile cataract in clinical examinations Madany J. [summary] 1272
Histopathological changes in the liver in right side heart failure in dogs Glińska K., Hałoń A., Pasławska U., Noszczyk-Nowak A., Nicpoń J.,
Rabczyński J.
[summary] 1276
Prolapsus nuclei pulposi between the 4th lumbar and 5th vertebra: a case study Sterna J., Lechowski R., Narojek T., Degórska B. [summary] 1281
Root surface temperature rise in cat’s canine teeth during root canal filling using the Theramfil Plus technique Lipski M., Woźniak K., Łagocka R.,
Buczkowska-Radlińska J.
[summary] 1284
Activity of neutrophils in the blood of healthy and mastitic cows Markiewicz H., Malinowski E., Kuźma K., Smulski S., Kaczmarowski M. [summary] 1288
Selected blood parameters in cows at the periparturient period and increasing lactation Mordak R., Nicpoń J. [summary] 1292
Course of mallophagans invasion in Black-and-White Lowland and Polish Red cows during the alcove breeding period Romaniuk K.,
Jaworski Z.
[summary] 1295
Discriminatory testing for BSE and scrapie in sheep and goat populations Polak M.P., Larska M., Rożek W., Żmudziński J.F. [summary] 1298
Using native and inactivated leukotoxin Mannheimia haemolytica in specific immunoprophylaxis of sheep’s respiratory syndrome Mikucki P.,
Wernicki A., Puchalski A., Urban-Chmiel R.
[summary] 1302
Evaluation of fetlock joint puncture locations in horses Ratajczak K., Bzorski A. [summary] 1306
Prevalence of Rhodococcus equi strains in soil samples from studs with rhodococcosis Grądzki Z., Ziętek A., Hetman E., Winiarczyk S., [summary] 1310
Antagonistic effect of lactic acid bacteria on Salmonella in co-cultures Bauza-Kaszewska J., Szala B., Paluszak Z. [summary] 1313
Level of cadmium, nickel and zinc in fry of common carp breeding in the dropping waters of the Dolna Odra hydroelectric power station
Brucka-Jastrzębska E., Prostasowicki M.
[summary] 1317
Influence of exercise on hemostatis in sport horses Zbanyszek M. [summary] 1322