Medycyna Wet. 62 (12), 1337-1464, 2006


Influence of antibiotics used in animals on antibiotic resistance to bacteria pathogenic for man Truszczyński M., Pejsak Z. [summary] 1339
Genetic aspects of scrapie in sheep Piestrzyńska-Kajtoch A., Rejduch B. [summary] 1344
Genetic variability and diagnostics of EAV infections Larska M., Rola J. [summary] 1348
Occurrence and clinical significance of the Helicobacter sp. microorganisms in swine Sapierzyński R., Fabisiak M. [summary] 1352
Iron poisoning in animals Mendel M., Wiechetek M. [summary] 1357
Reverse-triiodothyronine - synthesis and role Bobek S. [summary] 1362


Effects of prolonged feeding of turkeys with a diet containing oxidized fat on morphological lesions of internal organs - in English Szarek J.,
Zduńczyk Z., Jankowski J., Koncicki A., Andrzejewska A., Wojtacka J., Babińska I.
[summary] 1366
Microbiological quality of retail chicken carcasses and their products in Turkey – in English Vural A., Erkan M.E., Yeşilmen S. [summary] 1371
Elevated total sialic acid serum concentrations in sheep with peste des petits ruminants - in English Yarim G.F., Nisbet C., Yazici, Z.,
Gumusova S.
[summary] 1375
Effects of 2,4-Dichlorophenoxyacetic acid (2,4-D) treatment on the epidydymal spermatozoa, blood serum transaminases and its accumulation
in liver or rats
- in English Aydın H., Baran A., Demirel G., Yıldırım M. [summary] 1378
Effect of praziquantel on Dicrocoelium dendriticum in naturally infected sheep - in English Akkaya H., Deniz A., Sezen A. [summary] 1381
Effects of propofol and sevoflurane anesthesia on some physiological and biochemicalparameters in rabbits - in English Guzel O., Inal G.,
Cirakli Z.T., Eraslan E., Aktas M.
[summary] 1383
Influence of fructo-oligosaccharides on the course of turkey HEV and Salmonella Typhimurium infections Koncicki A., Jankowski J., Zduńczyk Z.,
Mazur-Gonkowska B., Krasnodębska-Depta A., Stenzel T.
[summary] 1387
First case of Alabama Red Leg Syndrome in broiler chickens in Poland Szeleszczuk P., Samorek-Salamonowicz E., Kozdruń W., Król K., Malicka E.,
Karpińska E.
[summary] 1391
Effect of lysozyme dimer injections on results of intramammary treatment of acute mastitis in cows Malinowski E., Niewitecki W., Nadolny M., Lassa H.,
Smulski S.
[summary] 1395
Influence of meloxicam on cellular and humoral defense mechanismsWójcik R., Markiewicz W., Małaczewska J., Chrostowska M., Maślanka T.,
Rotkiewicz Z., Jaroszewski J., Siwicki A.K.
[summary] 1400
Influence of cow breed, genotype and somatic cell count on chosen traits of colostrums Kuczaj M., Janik-Dubowiecka J., Szulc T.,
Zachwieja A.
[summary] 1403
Immunological status of pigs during respiratory tract infections Markowska-Daniel I., Stępnicki A., Winnicka A. [summary] 1407
Suilektin® – new product for weaning piglets’ prophylaxisValverde-Piedra J.L., Woliński J., Skrzypek T., Laubitz D., Pawłowska M.,
Szymańczyk S.E., Michałowski P., Zabielski R.
[summary] 1412
Distribution patterns of vasoactive intestinal peptide and NPY in the lumbar-sacral sympathetic chain ganglia of pigs... Skobowiat C., Gonkowski S.,
Wojtkiewicz J., Bossowska A., Majewski M.
[summary] 1415
Course of internal parasite invasion in the primitive Polish horse herd from woodland breeding Romaniuk K., Jaworski Z., Golonka M. [summary] 1420
Zona free hamster ova test as preliminary assessment of the fecundity of polar foxes Solińska J., Janicki B. Łakota P. [summary] 1423
Microbiological investigation of sludge treated with quick lime Paluszak Z., Bazeli M., Hermann J., Bauza-Kaszewska J. [summary] 1427
Influence of oxytetracycline on the metabolic and phagocyte activity of macrophages and the proliferative response of lymphocytes in Carp
and European Catfish
Terech-Majewska E., Siwicki A.K. [summary] 1431
Evaluation of the reactivity of blood leukocytes in anemized rats Pliszczak-Król A., Graczyk S., Król J., Janaczyk B. [summary] 1435
Bioaccumulation levels of some trace elements in the organisms of worker bees and drones Roman A. [summary] 1439
Role of peritoneal lavage in treating acute pancreatitis.. Madej B., Burdan F.Dudka J.,Radzikowska E., Łuszczewska-Sierakowska I., Poznański P.,
Ciechanek R., Prażmo W., Maciejewski R.
[summary] 1443
Influence of cadmium poisoning on zinc level concentration in carp tissues during growth Brucka-Jastrzębska E., Protasowicki M. [summary] 1446
Dynamics of strongyles invasions in a year-long cycle in primitive Polish horses bred in alcove-grazing Romaniuk K., Jaworski Z. [summary] 1452