Medycyna Wet. 61 (5), 481-600, 2005


Review the most important mycotoxins Laciaková A., Popelka P., Pipová M., Laciak V. [digitized ] 490
Enterococci – research results of recent years Truszczyński M. [digitized ] 494
Subclinical infections in prion diseases Polak M.P., Rola J. [digitized ] 498
Aspiration and trephine biopsy of bone marrow of dogs and cats: methodology and indications Mróz K., Nicpń J., Sławuta P. [digitized ] 500
European standards for food safety. New European Union law Leonkiewicz J. [digitized ] 502


Clinical evaluation of the complications found in bitches after total bilateral mastectomy operations Kirsan I., Ucmak M.,
Apaydin S.
[digitized ] 507
Effect of reduced energy diet on some blood biochemical indicators in the late pregnant ewes Oztabak K., Durak H., Ates A. [digitized ] 510
Hematological changes in primitive Polish horses infected with Gasterophilus intestinalis horsefly Snarska A., Romaniuk K. [digitized ] 514
Efficacy of chlortetracycline in controlling the epidemiological situation of a swine heard infected with Leptospira Wasiński B., Wałachowski M.,
Pejsak Z.
[digitized ] 518
Identifying Streptococcus suis using PCR Markowska-Daniel I., Kowalczyk A. [digitized ] 522
Influence of dexamethasone and alpha-ketoglutarate on growth and development of the skeletal system of pigs Śliwa E., Wawrzyniak-Gacek A.,
Tatara M.R., Kowalik S., Łuszczewska-Sierakowska I., Krupski W., Majcher P., Pierzynowski G.S., Studziński T.
[digitized ] 526
Efficacy of some therapy methods for puerperal metritis in cows Kaczmarowski M., Malinowski E. [digitized ] 532
Relationship between milk urea concentration and cow fertility Skrzypek R., Chraplewski H., Białoń K. [digitized ] 536
Polymorphism of BoLA-DRB3 gene in relation to mastitis in cattle Sender G., Korwin-Kossakowska A., Gralak B. [digitized ] 540
Molecular studies of Cryptosporidium spp. infections Bajer A., Bednarska M., Siński E. [digitized ] 543
Efficiency of Immucox in preventing coccidiosis in hens Gaweł A., Mazurkiewicz M., Jurowski J. [digitized ] 548
Influence of growth stimulators added to feed on the quality of meat and fat in broiler chickens Pietrzak D., Mroczek J., Antolik A., Michalczuk M.,
Niemiec J.
[digitized ] 553
Neuropathological changes in the central nervous system of broilers after poisoning by ochratoxin A Sołtysiak Z., Rouibah K. [digitized ] 558
Bone mineral density and osteocalcin levels in the blood plasma of broiler chickens experiencing aluminum sulphate intoxication Bieńko M.,
Radzki R.P., Puzio I., Kapica M., Studziński T.
[digitized ] 562
Bacterial contamination of rabbit carcasses and giblets in relation to their place of slaughter Pyz-Łukasik R., Szkucik K. [digitized ] 567
Collection and properties of European brown hare semen Kozdrowski R., Dubiel A. [digitized ] 571
Evaluation of peritoneal application of sodium glutamate on the dorsal root ganglia and frontal cortex of adult rats Cybulska R.,
Jaworska-Adamu J., Kalinowska M.
[digitized ] 573
Expression of glutathione S-transferase pi in the central nervous system during aging Kaźmieczak B., Usarek E., Gajewska B., Kuźma M.,
Barańczyk-Kuźma A.
[digitized ] 577
Termination of unwanted pregnancies in bitches: a comparison of two methods Jurka P. [digitized ] 580
Balantidiosis in snakes Adamek Ł., Winiarczyk S., Tomczuk K., Łopuszyński W., Grądzki Z., Ziętek A., Madany J. [digitized ] 583