Medycyna Wet. 59 (4), 277-368, 2003


Marker vaccines – a new approach to controlling and eradicating foot-and-mouth disease Niedbalski W., Wijaszka T., Kęsy A. [digitized ] 279
Brucellosis in pigs Szulowski K., Pilaszek J., Iwaniak W. [digitized ] 283
Immune responses to induced Salmonella infection and vaccines Madajczak G., Kizerwetter M., Binek M. [digitized ] 287
Marek’s disease herpes virus - a potential risk for human health Samorek-Salamonowicz E., Czekaj H., Kozdruń W. [digitized ] 293
Endoscopy of the reproductive tract of bitches Borkowska I., Jurczak A., Leśnik M., Janowski T. [digitized ] 297
Diseases of the urinary tract in horses Part I Dąbrowska J. [digitized ] 300


Abdominal hernia - operation without using the implant Plocki v. K. A., Fukert-Korsa B., Gierek A. [digitized ] 304
Laparoscope-guided renal biopsy in dogs Lew M., Nowicki M., Jałyński M., Rychlik A. [digitized ] 307
Ultrasonography technique in bull reproductive organ examination Jędraszczyk J. [digitized ] 311
Applying PCR to detect the genetic material of Listeria monocytogenes using different Taq DNA polymerases Kwiatek K., Różycki M., Rzeżutka A.,
Mizak B.
[digitized ] 315
Nutritional value of dog food in the form of bars Bełkot Z., Chałabis-Mazurek A. [digitized ] 318
Effect of mineral-vitamin and yeast supplements on concentrations of some biochemical parameters in the blood serum of cows Strusińska D.,
Iwańska S., Mierzejewska J., Skok A.
[digitized ] 323
Chemical composition of colostrum and sow’s milk following the application of dietary conjugated linoleic acid (CLA) Migdał W., Pieszka M., Barowicz T.,
Pietras M.
[digitized ] 327
Effect of excessive supplementation of sulphur on copper metabolism and antioxidant status in young cattle Wieczorek J. [digitized ] 331
Influence of duodenal distension on the sympatho-medullaro-adrenal response of sheep Kania B.F., Wrońska-Fortuna D., Majcher A. [digitized ] 335
Influence of selected immunotrophic compounds on T (CD4+, CD8+) and b-lymphocytes during the course of experimental trichinellosis in mice
Piekarska J.
[digitized ] 339
Influence of tamoxifen on testosterone concentration in blood and on the development of cocks’ testis tissue Lisowski M., Bednarczyk M.,
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Activity of lysosomal enzymes under selection on growth rate in mice Jóźwik A., Śliwa-Jóźwik A., Fronczyk W., Kołątaj A. [digitized ] 348
Sperm morphology of stallions using four different methods Nowakowska L, Pozór M. A. [digitized ] 351